A really good friend of mine almost had some law trouble before.There are many things that he likes to do when he has some free time. It is just hard for hime to find the time to do some of those activities. Something that he has always found time to do is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is very intense, effective, and fun. He has been training for about 5 years now. He also is slowly working his way in the belt ranks. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu takes a very long time to get a black belt. That is one way it is different from other martial arts.

One thing about his job is that he gets to travel to many different places. So he always has his gi with him at all times. Like whenever he goes to Dallas for business. He always trains at Machodo’s place there in Dallas. He has a very nice academy. Also his student are always really nice. He has been there so much that many of the guys know him. Which is pretty cool to I think.

Well, the last time he was there he was rolling with Cole. He is one of my buddies BJJ friends that he only sees once a year maybe. He has his own BJJ school and has been teaching for many years now. He was telling me that one of his students got hurt during class one evening. Anyone who has train in BJJ knows that injuries are going to happen. He had been telling me that Cole always struggled with his payment. My friedn being how he is always helped the kid out when he could. He never pushed the kid about all the money that he owed him. After Cole got hurt though he tried to sue him. It did not work as planned though. Cole did not get anything out of him but my buddy countered him. He found a commercial collection agency. He got in touch with the collection law firm.

I guess now the kid should not have tried to get greedy with him. Long story short. My buddy got his money back from the Cole and actually now the kid helps him teach. Funny how things work sometimes.collection law firm

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